The Magic Highway


Jeff Christie featured a couple of times in the August 2016 issue of German magazine Good Times . Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' Revolver album, musicians were asked on their opinions of the masterpiece. See below what Jeff said (loosely translated from the German text by Rainer Frank). Jeff and other stars were also asked to list their five top album COVERs of all time.

Good Times

Like all Beatles albums, Revolver was an epiphany. It was welcomed with much anticipation. The Fabs were always fantastic, always shifting musical boundaries.The Beatles had high goals, and offered light and shadow which other musicians emulated.
  They were guided by the genius who was George Martin. They experimented with sitars and they showed technical wizardry in their music, particularly George Harrison. Other musicians looked on with astonishment on how they changed their musical directions.
  And of course there was astounding songwriting. The cover was cool, too. With pride I watched their progress and development.
  Revolver played often on my Dansette record player until  the next album came. I learned a lot from the Beatles. The Beatles were the Beatles and there will never be some one like them.