The Magic Highway


From the German publication Good Times, July 2004.

Good Times pic

A recent issue of the German publication Good Times focussed on Christie in its regular feature on artists from pop music history.
   The article recaps Christie's origins and provides updates on what the members are doing today.
   The piece is basically a rewrite of information culled from this site — including the observation that the group should have released more singles from its debut album; the shift in direction on the second album; the switch back to the commercial sound with Iron Horse; the success of Jo Jo's Band in South America; Paul Fenton joining Carmen; Jeff still recording, performing and writing the odd advertising jingle; and the fact that Jeff recorded for a number of labels after the group's demise, such as the Australian label Wizard, a fact only ever mentioned on this website. It also gives a plug for Vic's Christie Again - Greatest Hits and More album.
   Still, any publicity is good publicity, and the magazine is to be lauded for keeping Christie in the memory of its readers.
   The article concludes by lamenting the fact that no anthology of Christie material has yet been released, as there would be plenty to fill a double-CD set. Obviously, the editor did not read the section on this site which foreshadowed the release of the complete Christie catalogue!

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