The Magic Highway


Excerpts from articles that appeared in the Danish magazine Go! in 1970.

Go!CHRISTIE was raped in Germany, is a big name in England, South America, Italy and Sweden; but Jeff Christie prefers Denmark and a girl from Denmark.

THE English trio Christie is about to become a solid name.
  Every new record is a best seller.
  Christie broke through with Yellow River (20 million round the world) and secondly they got a huge hit with San Bernadino.
  "It is a catchy pop tune," leader Jeff Christie said.
  "But people who turn up to our concerts often get a surprise when they hear music of a total other kind — noisy, hard and heavy.
  "You can't put us in a stall, we like to play all kinds of music, and I do not have any prejudice — my taste spans from the romantic to the heavy kind of music."
  Christie has been asked to leave out the heavy numbers like Martian King and Nightmare from their shows, where the younger audiences comes to hear the type of music like Yellow River. But Christie carries on mixing up the repertoire.
  Yellow River and San Bernardino are popular but the trio shows a total other side when they play the long and progressive songs.
  "Yellow River can perhaps keep us alive in Germany, England and South America, where this kind of music is very popular," Jeff said, "but we would like to break through in USA, and there it is another kind of music that counts."
  Jeff Christie and the two other in the band, Vic Elmes and Paul Fenton, have several times had to contend with unwelcome attention on their trips around the world.
  In Germany there was a group of 30 to 40 drunken old women who tried to tear Jeff's clothes off. They followed him all the way back to the hotel.
  "They are very tough in that age," Jeff says, "I do understand why Tom Jones has to have bodyguards to help him. Otherwise they get him."
  Jeff Christie is seeing a girl from Denmark, which he has dated for a while.
  Every time he has a day off, he makes a short trip to Copenhagen to meet his girlfriend. That is his private life.
  He says that Copenhagen is a place where he is allowed to get around, without been recognised. Something he shares in common with celebrities like Keith Emerson, Noel Redding and Peter Sarstedt.


THE english trio Christie will come to Denmark at the start of next month, to play some few selected concerts.
  Probably at "Revolution" and "Club 6" in Copenhagen. Possibly in Århus and Viborg as well, if interest from the audience is profitable.
  This is because the hit Yellow River has made Christie a costly band to hire these days.
  The group's follow-up record San Bernadino is, as the previous release, written by the singer Jeff Christie.