Anyone for football?

FootballJeff's favourite sport is association football (soccer), and he has always followed his hometown club, Leeds United. The team was one of England's best and most famous in the 60s and 70s, when they were considered almost invincible. Leeds Utd in fact played their best football during the years when Christie were charting round the world, so whenever Jeff played in various countries, he must have grabbed a paper at every opportunity to check on scores back home.
     After a spell in the lower divisions, the team is now exciting fans in the Premier League, led by the enigmatic Marcelo Bielsa, who hails from Argentina, where Christie had a massive following.
    Like all true football fans, Jeff still holds a soft spot for the team. He has met many of the legendary Leeds Utd players, and today even lives on the same street as some of them.
    The demise of the successful 60s-70s team was sparked by the disappointment of the final of the European Cup in 1975, when Leeds lost 2-0 to German team Bayern Munich, despite controlling the game, having a legitimate goal ruled out, and a blatant penalty disallowed. Bayern only had two shots in the game and scored from both. After the match, many players retired or moved on to other clubs.
     Jeff was one of thousands of Leeds fans who travelled to Paris to watch that 1975 final. He's pictured at the bottom, with brother Lester on the far left.



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