(J Christie)

Funny clown, why do you cry
Is there something wrong beneath your smile
Funny clown, why do you frown
When the crowd begins to laugh at you

Funny clown, they’ll never know
You must never let your feelings show
Could it be you are lonely (yes I am)
Could it be you are sad (yes I'm sad)
Could it be that your world is falling down

Funny clown, you look so sad
Could it be that no-one understands
Even though you’re sad inside
Try to keep back the tears back from your eyes

Funny clown, you must be strong
Don’t you know the show must go on

Ooh, behind the make-up
There is a heart that is breaking
And I know that I see a broken man
Hiding behind the painted smile
And so it seems that for a while
He will play the funny clown

Funny clown, the people wait
Even though your heart is slowly breaking
Funny clown, you've lost your pride
Only sad tomorrows you will find

Funny clown, the stage is set
All your grief and pain you must forget
So hide with your laughter
The tear that is falling
And smile for the people, funny clown

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