FOOL (J Christie)

1st verse
Fool, didn't learn too much at school
Didn't learn the golden rule
Never made it to first base
Fool, did you think you would go far
Did you think you'd be a star
Did you think you had it made, -a-a-d-e

Fooool ...

2nd verse
Fool, did you get your fingers burned
When the tables overturned
You were nowhere to be found
Fool, you were taken by surprise
Caught a glimpse of paradise
But you played your part so badly, sadly ..

Fooool ...

So now you hide your soul
Behind a painted smile
And now you ask yourself
Was it all worthwhile

3rd verse
Fool, you were young and starry-eyed
Couldn't see through all the lies
But it makes no difference now
Fool, well you played your cards and lost
No matter how the dice were tossed
Well, you learnt your lesson well, so well

Fooool ...

And now you ask yourself
Was it all worthwhile

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