The Magic Highway


An article that appeared in the Finnish magazine Suosikki in 1971, after Christie toured there.



Paul Fenton (left) made the girls scream when he played Man Of Many Faces with the band.
Don't forget Christie have a new album out soon.


Instruments and amplifiers worth of millions were broken, food was hard to find, and Vic wants a Finnish girlfriend!

HYSTERIC girls, rain, and an excited audience of 7000 young people awaited Christie's concert at Mustikkamaa.
    When they pop kings arrived, because of the rain damage to their equipment, they even had to borrow guitars and amplifiers from another band.
    "Let's talk about something else than difficulties or rainy weather,” said Vic Elmes. "For example, about girls,” continued Jeff Christie.
    "Though we are not going to marry for a long time,” said Paul Fenton, who showed in the Helsinki concert many adroit skills with the drum kit.
    It has taken about 10 years before Yellow River made Christie world famous.
    And now another succes followed the first.

Vic: I would like to travel to India, shoot tigers and live as a maharajah. And I could play football every day. I give my whole soul to the thing I love, not a part only. When I rehearse, I play my guitar for hours and hours without feeling myself tired.

Suosikki: Do you like the luxuries when you want to live as a maharajah, while the world around you is starving and dying without food?
Vic: I have a Jaguar X16 and I like to drive it with abeautiful girl beside me. Is that luxury? I´d like to give roses to girls I like. Maybe I must have always roses with me.

Suosikki: What don't you like?
Vic: Hurrying. Then I get nervous and I smoke too much. I don´t even want to be staying awake for days while touring. Now I´d like to sleep two days and after that it could be very nice to go to good lunch with a beautiful girl.

Suosikki: Those other members of the band aims to stay not to married, so that working is now more important than girls. What do you think?
Vic: Just now it's time to make music, but after this tour I´d like to get married. Family could give me feel of being in safe, feeling that I belong in common with a person, I love.

Suosikki: Are you still free, or do you have someone ... ?
Vic: We all are free. But what if a beautiful Finnish girl was my friend. It´s good if the girl is sweet, but I also listen to her voice, way of talking, her heart and wisdom. It´s difficult to explain but I will know when I meet her.

Suosikki: Did you know that Yellow River stayed over one year on the top of the charts?
Christie together: When we are going to get a Finnish gold record?

Suosikki: Why didn't you play rock?
Jeff Christie: Everyone else plays it nowadays. There's no reason why we couldn't do a rock LP, but we want to be as we are.

Suosikki: What would you like to do, if it's possible.
Jeff: We want to visit to China.

Suosikki: Why, are you fans of Mao?
Jeff: No, but the famous Yellow River or Yangste Kiang is there. We´d like to wisit that place.

Suosikki: Do you want to perform in Finland once again?
Vic: Sure! I think it´s not possible that every time we could face such difficulties again. And we didn´t see the Midnight Sun. We ´d come to Finland again, very likely.