The Magic Highway


A quick profile on Jeff featured in FAB magazine, 1970.

facts jeff

Born: 12.7.48 (Cancer)
Height: 6ft
Weight: 10st 12lbs
Eyes: brown
Hair: Brown
Married: No

  Hobbies: Supporting Leeds United, reading (especially Dennis Wheatley and Alistair MacLean), films, swimming and sleeping
  Family: His father, who runs a nightclub at home in Leeds, is called Michael, and his mother, believe it or not, Tony! Jeff has three brothers Lester, Robin and Mark
  Education: Leeds Grammar School
  Records: Yellow River, San Bernadino. LP: Christie
  Extra, extra: Jeff is very versatile musically. He plays guitar, piano, organ and bass. He likes his food with lots of tomato sauce, wears a lot of casual leather clothes, and hates shaving! His pet labrador is called Prince. His ambition is to buy his parents a house with a swimming pool.