The Magic Highway


Reprinted from Fabulous 208 magazine, July 1970.

Christie Fab photo

By Georgina Mells

YOU wouldn't expect Christie to be bothered by the supernatural.
   They are three very cool guys - Jeff, Mike and Vic - quiet and self-possessed.
   But strange things have been happening to them in the past few months.
   "We spent some time rehearsing in this old house in the heart of Devon," Jeff explained.
   "It was at a place called Dunchideock. The country round there is really wild and primitive and this house used to be one of the biggest in the county.
   "It is haunted, so badly that the owner's wife refuses to sleep there alone when he's away.
   "It was a beautiful place to be during the day but at night it was really spooky.
   "Of course Vic didn't help as he has a great habit of hiding round corners and jumping out at people! One way or another we were pretty glad to get away."
   Jeff went on: "I can really believe in the supernatural sometimes."
   "Sometime ago I accidentally ran over a black cat and after that some fairly bad things happened to me.
   "But recently my luck has taken a change for the better, with the record taking off.
    "It was strange though, the day things started moving with Yellow River, there was a horse with that name which won a race we'd followed.
   "The day we heard we were number three in the hit parade, it came in third. I don't think that could be coincidence."
   There was something strange too about the way the record was made.
   "I took some tapes I'd written to play to the Tremeloes and the tape recorder overshot the song I meant to play them and went into Yellow River," Jeff said.
"They heard it and liked it and were going to use it, but didn't.
   "I was a bit sad at the time but now I know it was a fantastic break for me."
   Mike and Vic are also thrilled at the sudden success of Christie.
   "Things had been so bad for us that the group (the Epics) had split up," Mike said.
   "I was working for a record company and Vic had taken a job with an electronics firm, but we jumped at the chance of doing the record with Jeff and we're still recovering from the amazing success we've had since."
   The rest of the Christie scene? Jeff is flat-hunting so he can move down to London from Leeds and so he can build a bookcase for his Dennis Wheatley collection. Vic wears the most incredible shirts, and Mike is only working so he can get himself a Lamborghini!
   Their future plans include a trip to Poland and maybe the States, and possibly a fourth member to join the group.
   Apart from that they just hope their run of luck continues. I bet it will with no help from the supernatural.