The Magic Highway


In 1974, Christie toured Colombia with Jeff, Roger, Danny and Terry. This strange article (loosely translated) appeared in the Colombian newspaper El Espacio (March 1974), covering Christie's visit there, but seemingly preoccupied with the members' hair.


THE four members of the British pop group Christie arrived at Eldorado airport to be greeted by hundreds of Colombian fans.
   All sported long hair. Leader Jeff Christie had dark locks and fashionable sideburns. One member (Roger) wore a fabric hat that hid half his face, another (Danny) had an explorers hat with dark glasses. The fourth member (Terry) wore a little scarf.
   The group were the last to leave the plane. As soon as they saw the press, they took out a pair of plush animals which Roger said served as their mascots for the trip.
   When asked about their changing styles of music, Jeff said they played simple, uncomplicated rock songs. They had changed slightly from the earlier pop of Yellow River and San Bernadino. "If you go to the Coliseum (the concert venue) and listen to what we are playing today, you will be fascinated," he said.
   One journalist said that long hair was becoming outdated and old-fashioned.
   Roger disagreed. "I love my hair," he said. "I go every week to the stylist to look after it."
   And what of drugs?
   One of the members responded playfully: "We do not speak of them .. we use them!"