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This appeared in Disco 45 No 2 (1971). The magazine was a monthly publication which printed popular song lyrics of the time. The article — a rehash of the band's origin — was printed next to lyrics for San Bernadino.

Disco 45

YELLOW River was a smash hit for Christie, that fine country-rock group who record for CBS. But really it wasn't intended to be recorded by Christie at all!
   Jeff Christie, leader of the three-man group, offered the song to the Tremeloes. The Trems liked it but changed their minds.
   So Jeff and his colleagues — lead guitarist Vic Elmes and drummer Mike Blakley — decided: why not record the number ourselves? Yellow River shot to No 1 in the hit parade, which isn't a bad way of getting compensation for the Trems not recording the song, is it?
   Christie have gone from strength to strength. True, they've lost the services of drummer Blakley — Paul Fenton is Christie's percussionist at present. But another single, San Bernadino, followed on an upward direction in the singles charts.
   Christie have continued to polish up their stage act and have been garnering plaudits from far and wide they scored a great success in South America at the end of 1970.