The Magic Highway


New Musical Express magazine, June 1970, ran a competition for aspiring disc jockeys in which they had to come up with a snappy introduction for Yellow River!

Deejay formDISC jockeys .. they're the most maligned group of people in the pop business. We all know we could do their better than they do! But could you?
   The NME wants to find out. And not only that, we're also offering you the exclusive chance to be a dee-jay with your own series of broadcasts.
   All you have to do is pick five songs from the 12 songs listed and put them in the order you think would make a balanced programme.
   Then write a dee-jay introduction of no more than 25 words to one of the records, Yellow River, which MUST be included in your choice!
   We'll pick 30 semi-finalists who will be notified and asked to submit voice test tapes.
   From these we'll select six finalists who will be invited to take part in an open air disc jamboree at the Isle of Man, with all fares and accommodation paid to the winner.

   These are the songs from which you need to pick five in best playing order:
A) Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha: Cliff Richard
B) Grooving with Mr Bloe: Mr Bloe
C) Something: Shirley Bassey
D) It's All in the Game: The Four Tops
E) Yellow River: Christie (MUST)
F) The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley
G) Sally: Gerry Monroe
H) All Kinds of Everything: Dana
I) Daughter of Darkness: Tom Jones
J) My Way: Frank Sinatra
K) Back Home: England World Cup Squad
L) My Marie: Engelbert Humperdinck

What would YOUR introduction to Yellow River be?