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The Dealer


Melody Maker

IF you like The Byrds, America and similar cowpokin’ boogie boys up to their ears in moonshine and sassafras, then this is for you. An extremely pleasant song destined for chart glory.

New Musical Express

WITHOUT becoming too analytic, the basic requirement for any good single are: a strong song, convincing performance, repetitive hook line, simple melody, excellent production and a hole in the centre.
   This record falls into this category and nudges out Hot Chocolate as best new single of the week, and in doing so should finally put paid to any preconception that Christie are just a transient pop band.
   By any standards, this is a good disc.   Against a super-neato mid-paced instrumental backdrop, Jeff Christie delivers the storyline with just the right amount of subtle impact.
   Performance-wise, there's no letdown. This is the kind of single that bands like The Eagles and The Doobie Brothers strike gold with on America's west coast. Producer John Miller is a new name to me, but it seems like he could well be a future hit-maker.
   If it's gonna be a hit, I think it'll be a sleeper; if it flops then someone's missed out somewhere. Let's hope it makes the playlists.


   Funny how bands come and go. You could almost be forgiven for thinking Christie had gone forever. At the time of Yellow River, they were a trio, but with a change in line-up, they now comprise four members and are busy promoting their new single The Dealer, just out on CBS.

martian king

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