The Magic Highway


An Interview with Danny Kreiger
(Extracts from a series of chats conducted by Ray Chan)


Unlike the other members, who were British, Danny hailed from the USA. He now plays with a couple of bands in the US, including the Mollys, which have established a reputation for their folk-rock music.

Q: Who was in the band with you?

A: I joined Christie in 1973. The band members were  Jeff Christie, guitar and keyboards, Roger Flavell, bass, Terry Fogg, drums, and myself on guitar. 
     Everyone sang except Terry. 
     I don't remember much about anyone's background except that Roger liked science fiction, Jeff had sweet parents, and Terry was married to a flight attendant.

Q: How long were you with Christie?

A: I played with Christie for about a year and a half.  We toured a lot. We went to Ireland a number of times, Scotland, Wales, Spain and an extended South American tour. We made a crazy video for Alabama
     We had a great time and got along well. I left the band to move back to the states.  I'd love to hear from any of the guys.

Q: What did you do after moving back to the states?

fluffingtonsA: After leaving Christie I played and toured with numerous  bands, mostly blues bands. I've settled in Tucson, Arizona where I play and tour with my wife's band, The Mollys, and various other bands including my own band, The Fluffingtons (pictured on right). 
     I have a beautiful daughter and have grown fat!
     The time I spent playing with Christie was in many ways the best time of my life.

You can buy Danny's CDs from here, where you can also send him a message. Tell him you heard about the CD from this site, and he might include a special treat.

Danny was recently inducted into the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame. He is one of the Southwest's most respected guitarists and is much sought out by the nation's top bands for recording and touring. Apart from Christie, he has recorded with Stephen Stills, Andy Gibb, Big Joe Turner, Smoky Wilson and Eric Burdon. He has also released many CDs either on his own or with the Mollys and the Fluffingtons.