The Magic Highway


A short snippet which appeared in German magazine Bravo (1971).

Bravo cutting

Millionaire in a furnished room

HIT king Jeff Christie still can't get used to his sudden wealth.
   After Jeff sold three million singles in England alone with his hit Yellow River, he chose to splurge on .. a cine-camera.
   "This was the biggest sum I even spent privately for myself," he said.
   "I still can't believe that now I'm able to afford such luxury articles.
   "For years I had to be thrifty and I was used to it."
   Jeff, who has travelled around half the world already, lives very frugally and modestly in Kensington, London.
   He inhabits a room in a block which he shares with six friends, all students.
   "The boys are all from Leeds, where I come from too," Jeff said.
   "Certainly I'm able to afford my own dwelling, but last year I wasn't at home most of the time .. and the thought that I have a very big bank account is still strange to me."