The Magic Highway


German magazine Bravo were big fans of Christie and featured them regularly. This is a profile on the band members from 1971.

jeffJeff Christie
Jeff often dreams of marriage, rest and country air.
   Jeff is the boss and has played guitar for 11 years. He also plays piano, organ and bass.
   He had his first success at the youth clubs in his hometown Leeds.
   After school he sold wallpaper for one year. But at 17, the only thing he wanted to do was music. Today Jeff is a rich man because of his compositions, Yellow River and San Bernadino.
   But he isn't a spendthrift, because he values money.
He lives with Vic and Paul in a five-room flat at the prestigious suburb of Kensington in London.
   Jeff was born July 12, 1946, is 1.82 metres tall, has brown eyes and dark brown, restive hair. He is intelligent, gentle and very peaceful.
   Jeff also like books, pretty girls, spaghetti, raspberry pudding and coffee.
   He dislikes drunks and gambling machines.
   Later he wants to get married, a house in the country and work less.



Vic Elmes
Vic was born in May 10, 1947 in Dagenham/Essex. He has hazel eyes and two younger siblings, Stephen and Jocelyne.
   Vic wanted to become a painter, but his father said "no" to palette and paint-brush and fixed him up to become an electrician apprentice.
   However, after his third short circuit, his employer had enough of him. Vic quit his job and begun to play guitar in third-class bands, until he finally joined Christie.
   In contrast to Jeff, Vic is often aggressive and snappish. In his younger days, he was often ridiculed because he was small (1.67 metre) and for that reason he is very sensitive and irritable.
   But Vic is always honest and fair. He organises the household in the band's common dwelling.
   He goes shopping, while the others are sleeping, pays the bills, and waters the flowers, which he loves.
   He also likes Chinese food, modern art and old- fashioned manners (for example: kissing on the hand).
   Vic's motto: Never look after foreign matters.


Paul Fenton
Paul Fenton had worked as ice cream- seller, keeper of a shooting gallery/rifle range and bath attendant, before he moved to London to become a drummer.
   The beginning was very hard - most of the artist agencies didn't take this 1.81 metre tall farm worker son from Dewsburry seriously because of his accent.
   Paul got his first job as a drummer at the Salvation Army.    When original Christie drummer Michael Blakely left the group, Paul got his chance.
Bandleader Jeff Christie hired him for his group.
   When Paul was celebrating his 24th birthday last year on June 4, Christie was charting with Yellow River on the Bravo Musicbox.
   Paul is tardy, courteous and very shy. He can't still believe he is famous.
   When he isn't drumming, he has only one passion: cooking. Paul's speciality for a cosy day with Christie is Mexican roast pork with orange juice!