The Magic Highway


German magazine Bravo took a look at the ABC of Christie (in German) in its April 12, 1971 issue. See how many items you can pick out in the photos.


A for autos and amulette: Cars are a favourite, the faster the better. The amulets are gifts from fans.

B for boxing gloves: Paul Fenton's treasured memento of gloves once used by Mohammad Ali.

C for China: The only country where Christie has not yet had a hit. The irony is that China's main river is the Yangstze Kiang, the famed Yellow River. But the group will tour in Hong Kong soon.

D for degen jagen (sword hunt): Vic's keen on collecting swords.

E for eulen (owls): Owls remind Jeff of his hometown in Leeds.

F for fliegen (flying): Christie have flown all over the world in a short time: performing in Africa, America, Australia and Europe.

G for glück (luck): One cannot buy luck. Jeff worked hard to achieve his success.

abc pic  1

H for handel (trade): "Trading" is a favourite pasttime: Paul dabbles in money, Vic in commodities, and Jeff sells his songs super-expensively!

I for Indien (India): India is Vic's favourite country that he wants to visit; tigers and maharajas.

J for Jaguar X16: Vic loves this car. Every spare minute is spent behind the wheel, usually with a girl in the passenger seat.

K for kleidung (clothes) and kaktus (cactus): Clothes are important for Christie; the boys love wearing the latest fashions. The cactus was bought by Paul from Mexico.

L for liebe (love): Very important for the boys. But at the moment they want to remain as bachelors for as long as they can.

M is for milch (milk): Paul's favourite drink, giving him strength to peform as energetically as he does on stage.

N is for natürlich (nature): Jeff loves nature, and would love to save enough money to buy a farm.

abc pic 2

O is for orangen (oranges): Jeff also loves oranges and orange juice and takes them wherever he goes.

P is for pauke (drums): On stage, Paul hits the drums with incredible energy .. but in private, he is a very calm person.

Q is for quizspiele (quiz games): The Christie boys play quizzes to pass the time on tour whenever they are bored.

R is for rosen (roses): Vic is a keen rose gardener, to make sure he always has roses handy for a nice girl.

S is for salamander: Salamanders have been Paul's favourite animal since he was at school!

T is for trampen (hitch-hiking): Jeff's a great hitch-hiker. In fact, he hitch-hiked to a Tremeloes gig and introduced his songs to Alan Blakley, and the rest was history.

U is for uhren (clocks): Clocks are Christie's enemy! The boys hate to be rushed and pressed into schedules.

V is for vorderlader (rifles): Strangely, rifles used to decorate decorate the walls of the house where Jeff and Vic lived in London.

W is for wohnung (dwelling): One day Paul will find a place of his own. So far he's lived only with his parents or shared a house with Jeff.

Y is for Yellow River: Christie's first hit!

Z is for zeitungen (newspapers): Because they travel so much, the boys read newspapers as often as they can to catch up with what's happening back home. Jeff reads in bed, Paul in the plane, and Vic while eating.