The Magic Highway


Loosely translated from German Bravo magazine, July 27, 1970, this article is most notable for this wonderful photo.


THE three boys who call themselves Christie have built themselves an international hit.
   "Before we had this success, things looked bleak," Jeff said. "For many years I tried my luck in my hometown Leeds. I played in the group Outer Limits without success. So I played the nightclubs, and I began to compose a few songs. I offered them to The Tremeloes, but the group preferred to write their own songs."
   But Mike Blakley, younger brother of Tremeloes member Alan, liked one of the songs, Yellow River, and was asked to join with Jeff to record it.
   "We still needed a third man. I remembered Vic from playing with his band. Vic was at the time an ice salesman at the Selfridges department store in London, so was glad to join us," Mike said.
   Three weeks after forming, Christie were at top of hit parade with Yellow River.
   "Now even the Trems sing Yellow River .. in Spanish!" Jeff laughed.