The Magic Highway


What do the boys look for in a girl? This appeared in German magazine Bravo (1971).


THE housemotto hangs askew in the home at 6 Southampton Place in the city of London. "We rented this house two months ago," said Vic Elmes .
Vic   "Since then I have always had to cook - because my job as waiter and ice-salesman was insufficient to pay for the coal," complains Vic.
   "Such a bachelor pad is nothing. When I find my dream girl, I will not enter a kitchen again. Therefore, my wife should not only have black hair and look gorgeous - but she must also be able to cook!"
   Vic Elmes wants to get to know his lady friend over a meal.
   "Since our hit Yellow River I can present myself well and invite the girls to London's best and most expensive restaurants. On such an occasion I will ask slyly after her cooking ability. I want to be certain - not like Mike. He writes a dozen love letters every day. Then he sits in the garden and waits for a girl to take the bait".
   Drummer Mike Blakley laughs and pushes his typewriter aside. "Cooking is of course important. My wife should have a sense of humour and have ideas. A real mate, with whom I could steal horses."
   At this moment Jeff Christie hangs up the telephone in rage.  
   "Again a female reporter. And I thought it was a fan. I was about to flirt with her."
   In the frontyard of Christie's London residence the hedge roses are in full bloom.
 Mike  "Vic and Mike grow them", reveals Christie's boss Jeff.
   "With that they hope to break into girls' hearts. I prefer to attempt that with another trick: I go on a girl hunt on my Moped. A luxury image in the class of a 'Rolls' is too complicated for that.
   "Besides, I don't see myself as a luxury bloke. The girls of my dreams must understand me."
   Jeff remains standing and plucks a rose.
   "Appearance is not the deciding feature. The girls think that we beat-boys only go for looks. That is wrong.
   "Pretty girls are easy to find, like pretty roses. But girls who really love me are rare."