(J Christie)

1st verse
Well I served 10 years hard labour
Working down on the prison farm
And the nights were cold and lonely
And the wind come a-howling down

2nd verse
You know the judge he guilty found me
And then he sent me down for nine
But when I busted the pen
You know the judge made it ten
Now I'm breaking rocks doing my time

Well Abilene
I've never seen a town so mean
Well you're a mean gunfighter's dream
You know I wish I'd never
I wish I'd never
I wish I'd never seen

3rd verse
Well it was down in Abilene
Well I'd been riding night and day
When I stopped for a drink of whiskey
And I got in a poker game

4th verse
Well I was drunk and I lost my temper
When someone called me a lying cheat
Well when he pulled out a knife, and followed me outside
You know I shot him down in the street


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