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An article on The Outer Limits from the Yorkshire Evening Post, April 29, 1967.

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Outer LimitsA LEEDS group, The Outer Limits, wanted somewhere quiet for their workouts on numbers — so they took themselves off to Roundhay Park at midnight.
   "It was peaceful and they were not running the risk of disturbing anyone," said their manager Michael Christie, father of Jeff Christie (20), the group's lead guitarist, organist and lead singer, of Scott Hall Road, Leeds.
   Other members of the band, whose first disc Just One More Chance came out on April 28, are Gerry Layton (22), sax and rhythym guitar, Gerry Smith (20), bass guitar and singer, and tan Drogie (22), drums and vocal.
   There is a limit — even for The Outer Limits — as to where you can practise. It was because they could not find a place where they would not interfere with neighbours that they took to Roundhay Park, in a spot overlooking the big lake.
   All members of the group have left good jobs to make a full-time job of their music. Jeff turned down the offer of a career in his father's former business after a television appearance for the group had fallen through. "You'll be able to earn about £4000 a year," said Jeff's father, but Jeff didn't even give the matter a second thought.
   Gerry Layton is an ex-television electrician; Gerry Smith a former plumber; and Stan an ex-printer.
   The group specialise in Tamla-Motown and American pops and 12 months ago won a 200-entry talent contest.
   Music and lyric for the group's new song have been written by Jeff, who has penned more than 15 new numbers which the group hopes to record.