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An early interview and news story about Christie printed in Melody Maker (May 23 and June 13, 1970)

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CHRISTIE'S Yellow River single, which hit the MM number one, has reached over a quarter of a million sales.
   The single is showing signs of becoming a hit in America and because of this, the group is this week cutting an album of 12 original compositions.
   The album is to be rush-released in America, but the album will not be available in this country (England) for some weeks.
   The next single will be one of three tracks from the album, either Inside Looking Out, San Bernadino, or Put Your Money Down.

CHRISTIE'S Yellow River is a very commercial sound but one of the best records this year.
   Jeff Christie says the group was formed initially for the purpose of recording Yellow River after it had been turned down by The Tremeloes for a single release.
   Suggestions have been made that the song owes a lot to Creedence Clearwater Revival but Jeff does not take kindly when comparisons are mentioned.
   "All I can say is that Yellow River was written 18 months ago and Creedence have only been in Britain for about a year — so that kicks that in the head," Jeff said decisively.
   "There may be a slight similarity in sound, but really we're poles apart. Creedence are a very basic group, they rarely use more than three chords in their songs.
   "I don't want to give the impression that we're better, but our music has more in it.
   "I got choked off about the whole underground thing about two years ago and I said, right, I want a good band who'll play exciting rock numbers but nothing freaky.
   "I honestly believe that simple rock is a lot more exciting than the average underground stuff.
   "I like what Led Zeppelin are doing though, but it doesn't knock me out. I worked with Jimmy Page years ago when he was a bass player."