JeffAMERICAN BOYS (J Christie)

Ist verse
Eugene is restless, he's pacing the floor
Out on vacation, can't take any more
Stays in control, he's seen it all before
Like an old review that just won't fade away
Breaking all the rules, you'll live to rue the day
It's his pride and joy

American boys
Gonna take you, gonna shape you
Given half the chance
American boys
Gonna make you, gonna shake you
If they break you, don't complain
Because it's all part of the game

2nd verse
Watch out Lucinda, don't step out of line
Stay on the freeway, don't you misread the signs
Turn down the radio, the drone can get to you
Stay out of the fast lane, it's a danger zone
Oregon's a better place to build a home
It's your pride and joy


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