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August 23, 2021

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What's inside Paul's pockets?





Yet another clipping from the glory days!

Have you read this article about Jeff's brother Mark?

Fan mail keeps coming in for Jeff. You can read them here. Plus, when it warrants it, Jeff also takes time to answer some questions. But note that Jeff does not provide autographs, so please do not write in asking for them.
  And here's a short article on what Jeff's sketches say about him!

Another blast from the past! Here Jeff talks about water-skiing, football, tennis, false teeth, his first records and the Jim Derek Trio!

Another day, another interview! Check out this chat with Jeff on this site dedicated to music from the golden years.

Fans have been asking for more articles from the early years, so here's one from New Musical Express, plus a pin-up from the first few weeks of Christie's career.

Dave Munden

R.I.P. Dave Munden, drummer with the Tremeloes who also sang lead vocal on the group's version of Yellow River, which the band originally decided to release as a single. They decided not to, and Christie was formed to record it. The rest is history.


Here's an historic photo: members of Christie, Edison Lighthouse and Worth on their way to Guernsey and Jersey as part of the groups' well-received college tour. Read more about it here.

The magazine of the Peforming Rights Society recently interviewed Jeff about the 50th anniversary of Yellow River. You can read it here.


Early Christie





Compare Jeff's demo of I'm Alive to the final product.

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