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September 26 , 2020

Here's an historic photo: members of Christie, Edison Lighthouse and Worth on their way to Guernsey and Jersey as part of the groups' well-received college tour. Read more about it here.


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The magazine of the Peforming Rights Society recently interviewed Jeff about the 50th anniversary of Yellow River. You can read it here.

It's almost 50 years ago that Yellow River topped the UK charts for three weeks; May 30, June 6 and June 13, 1970. The success of the record enabled Christie to be voted No 1 Group of the Year. Here's a recording made for a BBC broadcast.

Japan gold

In 1970, sales of Yellow River throughout the world were so high it made CBS Records the most succssful record company of the year. 2020 marks the single's 50th anniversary! Millions of people throughout the world grew up with the song and even today, Jeff continues to receive messages from fans who have wonderful memories associated with listening to the happy, bright tune as it became part of their lives.
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